How we get locked into online personas that keep us from evolving and speaking our truth.

In this episode, I talk about the rise of personal brands and the expectation that we present one continuous persona online — and how that limits the expression of our fullness. How a fear of being inconsistent with how you have presented yourself in the past can stifle your ability to evolve into the future. How a fear of not being palatable to everyone can keep you from speaking your personal truth.

Ideas we’ll explore in this episode:

  • How the internet and social media created an environment of “context collapse” where we are no longer allowed to present different aspects of our identities in different settings
  • Why we hide certain aspects of ourselves, our passions, and our personas and how we can reconnect with them & begin to show ourselves in fullness
  • How opening to small linguistic shifts in how you describe yourself or your offerings can have a domino effect and spark new evolution

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