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It’s time to let go of our focus on productivity and lean into a new way of being.

In this final episode of season 3 of the podcast, I reflect on my own journey into the world of productivity, what I’ve learned, and why I’m leaving it behind. In the process, I touch on the inevitable discomfort of new consciousness, why things are never going back to normal again, and how we can begin anew.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Why new consciousness is so painful
  • Why we can’t go back to “normal” anymore
  • How to begin unwinding old patterns and rewiring new ones
  • What happens when we stop measuring ourselves by our productivity?
  • How to reconnect w/ your essence and navigate a way forward

Favorite Quotes

“When you awaken to a new level of self-awareness, the first phase is incredibly uncomfortable. Because you can see what you couldn’t see before — and what that usually looks like is paying witness to some sort of shitty behavior that you were previously doing unconsciously that has now come into consciousness. And at first, all you can do is watch. Watch yourself doing the shitty or self-destructive or hurtful behavior. Like: Ugh, there I go again. Doing the terrible thing.”

“I can remember talking to another woman a few years ago, who, like me, had quit drinking and she said: ‘You just start noticing…’ and went on to list all of the things she had started noticing. But I thought: You can stop there, that’s the whole sentence: You start noticing. Noticing all the things you were striving to not notice by engaging with that addiction. And it’s painful. Productivity, too, is an addiction — one that helps us avoid noticing a whole range of things.”

“The brief is clear: It’s time for each of us to reconnect with our core essence — that thing that is at the heart of who you are without the doing, that life force, that spark that has always been deep within you. Maybe it’s your superpower or maybe it’s your best-kept secret. The brief is to reconnect with that light, that essence and make it the centerpiece as you begin to slowly move forward after this cosmic reset.”


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