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Productivity has become a core part of our identity. But who are you when you’re not in pursuit of success, achievement, and happiness?

In this mini-episode, I examine how our obsession with being disciplined and “getting things done” can cause us lose to touch with our true selves. And how taking an attitude of tender discipline towards yourself can make it significantly easier to release anxiety, find clarity, and get into the creative flow.

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • Why being tender with yourself helps you find clarity
  • How you can be more disciplined by letting go of your plan & trusting yourself
  • The importance of asking the question: “Who are you without the doing?”

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Favorite Quotes

“By seeing yourself with tenderness, you can see your situation clearly, which is the first step in breaking out of this cycle of over-commitment that so many of us fall prey to.”

“You have to completely conquer the feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with your human nature, and that therefore you need discipline to correct your behavior. As long as you feel the discipline comes from the outside, there is still a feeling that something is lacking in you.”


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