How defaulting to the intellect as our primary channel of knowing cuts us off from deeper consciousness & insight.

In this episode, I talk about the many different ways of knowing that we have access to — intellectual, somatic, energetic, intuitive, ancestral. And how we get cut off from that rich inner landscape of knowing by only seeing certain kinds of knowledge as valid. Then I explore the possibilities and magic that can arise when we open up to deeper receptivity.

Ideas we’ll explore in this episode:

  • How over-valuing the intellect can lead us to ignore, dismiss, or mistrust important intuitive information
  • How attuning to the insights of the three mind centers — the head, the heart, and the gut — can help open up new consciousness
  • How inviting more receptivity into your creative process, and ways of knowing, can help you work in a freer, more open, more inspired way

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