“The vibrational fullness that you bring to the world when you’re fully being yourself is the true gift.”

In this episode, I talk with Sherri Mitchell, the author of Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change. Sherri is a member of the Penobscot Tribe, an Indigenous rights attorney and activist, and the executive director of the Land Peace Foundation. She speaks and teaches around the world on issues of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, and spiritual change.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss what Mother Earth is trying to communicate to us through the pandemic, how we can break free from the delusion of separation, what keeps us from truly connecting with our inner gifts, and how we can step into spiritual maturity and be of service.

We originally recorded this episode in front of a live Zoom audience on March 2, 2022, and endured many technical difficulties. As a result, you’ll hear some inconsistencies in the audio.

Key takeaways from this conversation:

  • The racism and violence that Sherri and her community experienced growing up and how that led her to her path as an activist and spiritual teacher
  • How people come into alignment with their gifts through a series of small revelations and everyday decisions to act differently
  • The three energy centers of the head, the heart, and the gut and how most of our wisdom comes from the heart and the gut
  • How violence, persecution, colonialism, and slavery have caused us to leave or disconnect from our bodies and from the wisdom of the body
  • Why we have trouble receiving the wisdom that we need, and what stepping into spiritual maturity looks like

Favorite Quotes

“When we come face-to-face with our deepest wounds, that’s when we have the greatest opportunity to touch the divine. Because the more profound the pain, the more incredible and immense the light on the other side of it, the blessing, the love.”

“If we really want to be able to align ourselves with our gifts, we have to strip away that illusion, to connect with our inner truth. We have to be guided by that truth toward our most authentic expression of ourselves. When we do that, we realize that’s the true gift, right? That the being of ourselves is the true gift. Sadly, we’ve been conditioned to commodify all aspects of our being, breaking ourselves down into these fragmented saleable parts, that we offer to all of those that we come in contact with.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re working a deli counter, or if you are addressing thousands of people from some elevated stage. If you are just yourself, then your purpose has been met, because this is not a numeric equation. It’s not an economic equation, this is a vibrational equation. And the vibrational fullness that you bring to the world when you’re fully being yourself is the true gift. When we are able to really bring forward the fullness of our being, to emerge as whole human beings with all of our stuff intact, accepted, and integrated, that’s that vibrational frequency that we bring to the world in that moment, that helps to harmonize and balance the entire vibrational frequency of the planet, is the gift. Our job is to connect with that, align with that, bring ourselves forward.”


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