What are the mechanics of an aha moment? Can true insight unfold if we’re always rushing from one meeting to the next? One email to the next?

In this mini-episode, I chat with Bill Duggan, a professor and researcher of intuition at Columbia Business School, who shares some fascinating facts about exactly how insight arrives, including a detailed description of the two types of intuition that we use on a daily basis.

Key takeaways from our conversation:

  • How to deploy the two types of intuition — creative and expert — to arrive at insights and make decisions
  • Why getting stressed out or rushing to solve a creative problem destroys your ability to find a solution
  • How memory — and constantly adding new ideas to your arsenal — is the key to arriving at an aha moment

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Favorite Quotes

“Your best thoughts don’t come when you demand them. So a lot of people are rushed because they rush themselves.”

“If we’re talking about the creative side, you certainly can’t force it, and a very simple thing is you can’t solve every problem in one day. You can’t solve every problem in one week. You can’t solve every problem in one year. Some problems you just can’t solve, and you don’t know you can’t solve it until you give up trying to solve it.”


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