“When I think of self-extraction, I think of pouring out and giving and holding space and showing up for other people, not from a place of overflow, but from a place of depletion.”

Lisa Olivera is a therapist-turned-writer, who feels like a kindred spirit of the pod. She wrote the wonderful book Already Enough: A Path to Self-Acceptance and pens the newsletter Human Stuff, which is where I originally discovered her writing.

In this conversation, Lisa and I delve into big life transitions. We talk about what it’s like to step out from behind the scenes and claim your voice, why we fall into (and stay in) professional roles or careers that we may have outgrown, and how easy it is to slip into patterns of self-extraction where you’re over-giving and neglecting your own needs.

Ideas we explore in this episode:

  • The selves that we hide in order to conform to an expected performance of a career or role
  • How the need to be helpful and/or of service can lead to self-extraction
  • The challenges of moving toward a life that is more aligned and true
  • The concept of sharing from the scar and not the wound
  • The seasonality of creative cycles and transformation

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