Artwork by Stamatis Laskos.

We are emerging from the pandemic on wobbly legs — with much to recalibrate and integrate.

During the past year, we all experienced a fundamental realignment. We tuned back into what really matters and gained new clarity on our values. But as we emerge from seclusion and move back into community, all of those realizations are going to be tested. If we truly want to move into the “new normal” that we know is possible, we’re going to have to support each other and hold ourselves accountable.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How the pandemic “reset” our energetic fields
  • Why we’re so vulnerable in this moment of re-emergence
  • What unexpected recalibrations might arise and why we need to be patient with ourselves
  • Details on the upcoming podcast season and its theme: “How can we begin again?”
  • An introduction to my new project: Radiate, a community for collective transformation

Favorite Quotes

“We’re emerging from seclusion with these newly purified and sensitized energy fields… it’s as if we shed our old calcified skin and now we’re heading into the world with this fresh newborn skin. At the same time, we’re clutching this new set of values we are holding so dearly to our chests — hoping to keep them safe and find a way to integrate them so that we don’t drift away from the things that matter most again. So  that we don’t go back to sleep again. It’s an exciting moment, but also a very vulnerable one. We are emerging on wobbly legs — learning how to walk in our truth for perhaps the first time.”

“As much as the pandemic brought some of us closer, it also acted as a natural stress tester and detoxifier for the relationships that weren’t as aligned as we thought they were. We all of us understand anew the value of surrounding ourselves with the people who really get us, love us, support us. And the value of being able to see and touch and spend time with those people.”

“How can we integrate all the insights we’ve had over the past year so that we can find center? Doing this work of recalibrating and integrating all that we’ve learned is how we’re going to get to a new normal. It’s how we’re going to shed our toxic old patterns and our toxic old cultural systems — and it’s going to be a lot of work.”


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