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As Christine Downing writes in her wonderful book, The Goddess: “The truth that will give us back a lost part of ourselves is also the one that takes away a self to which we have been deeply attached.”

In this mini-episode, I talk about the impact of going on a 19-day retreat alone, what it feels like to have happily let go of one of my biggest creative ambitions, and why finding new clarity is so much more uncomfortable than we anticipate.

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • Why setting aside addictions and distractions gives way to new clarity
  • The benefits (and drawbacks) of going on a long retreat alone
  • What happens when creative ambitions turn toxic

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Favorite Quotes

“The funny thing about change — and actively pursuing it — is that it never unfolds quite like you think it will.”

“The minute I realized that I had been using this creative ambition as some kind of horrible cattle prod that constantly made me feel guilty, I was able to let it go.”

“When we recognize what is enough, and let go of the rest, let go of all those ambitions for more, then — and only then — can we expand.”


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