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Anxiety and intuition live at polar opposite ends of the same spectrum. In other words, you can’t be experiencing both at the same time.

In this meditation, I reflect on how intuition can be suppressed by the always-on, anxiety-driven lifestyle that has become the defacto operating mode for many of us. And how we can begin to re-open to that inner knowing by peeling back the layers of anxiety that have accrued from self-criticism, overwork, and creative misalignment.

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • How technology and “big data” has led us to mistrust our intuition
  • Why intuition wells up when we are truly present and in the body
  • How retraining anxious thought patterns frees up our inner knowing

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Favorite Quotes

“Intuition is all about being deeply connected to, and in your body, so that you can be present and tap into that deep inner knowing that is always with you. But anxiety pulls us out of the body. It pulls all of our energy up into the head, and we start to think that conscious reasoning is the only type of information available to us.”

“Intuition is the incredibly powerful connected font of all of the actions that we take that are truly aligned with our highest purpose. Intuition is what fuels our most courageous acts and our most creative acts. Intuition guides us into a flow state from which we can make inspired decisions. Intuition leads us to make connections with exactly the right people at exactly the right time. Intuition leads us down the path to luck, and it gives us the strength to have faith.”


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