Artwork by Chia-Chi Yu.

As we turn the corner into 2020, I take a look at one simple practice that will help you nurture your ideas, find your purpose, and heal.

In this mini-episode, I examine how we can apply the concept of “holding space” to the way we move through our daily lives. What would it feel like to be open, present, and allowing in our workflow and with ourselves?

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • The 4 ways you can hold space: time space, idea space, ritual space, and heart space
  • The benefits of holding space for yourself without the expectation of productivity
  • Ideas for rituals you might engage in to invite more spaciousness into your life

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Favorite Quotes

“Without the space of time, there is no possibility of anything new unfolding — whether that be a creative project, or a new insight about your career path, or a healing of some wound that’s holding you back.”

“As the mindfulness teacher Steve Hickman says: ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves.’ This is the attitude that many of us take towards ourselves. We think if our discipline is imperfect, perhaps we can improve it by criticizing or belittling ourselves until, ashamed enough, we decide to improve our performance.”

“So much of what goes into making positive change, generating new ideas, or healing yourself doesn’t look like anything is happening because it’s all happening internally, in the unconscious, guided by the natural wisdom of the body. It’s a process of gestation, in which 95% of the work happens deep beneath the surface.”


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