“We’re always trying to measure ourselves up to who we’re supposed to be, and it takes our attention away from who do I want to be? Who do I feel that I am?”

I talk with writer, teacher, and embodiment coach Prentis Hemphill, who is also behind one of my favorite podcasts, Finding Our Way. As the founder of the Embodiment Institute and a somatics teacher and facilitator, Prentis spends a lot of time exploring how we relate to ourselves and our bodies. We talk about what dignity feels like in the body, how the dominant culture cuts us off from the natural bodily rhythms of life, and why healing always happens in relationship.

Key ideas we explore in this episode:

  • What it means to truly honor your body (and what it opens up)
  • How we spend most of our lives in “control mode” with regard to our bodies
  • How parts of our body can get stuck in the past, running on old narratives
  • How curiosity can open up a more liberated experience of being alive
  • Why and how our transformations truly get revealed in relationship

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