“The myths of capitalism posit that there’s some sort of ideal way of being that’s unachievable for absolutely anyone.”

I talk to writer and meditation teacher Sebene Selassie, a frequent Hurry Slowly guest, about coming home to the body, and what it means to be present with ourselves whether we’re in good health or chronic pain. We also discuss the power of connecting to the ancestral knowing that lives in our bodies, presenting yourself with an undefended heart, and the profound shifts that are unfolding within the collective consciousness.

Key ideas we explore in this episode:

  • Transformation as the act of allowing (rather than resisting) change to unfold
  • How that allowing and acceptance comes into play with chronic pain or illness
  • Why we, collectively, are becoming receptive to more nuanced and holistic ideas about what it means to be human
  • How our ancestors’ experiences and trauma are encoded into our DNA
  • What it means to be at home in your heart

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