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Creativity resists efficiency. Yet we live in a world that insists everything can be made more efficient. So what happens when inspiration can’t be optimized?

In this episode, I explore the tension between creativity and efficiency. I talk about how advances in technology impact the way we think about the creative process — and how quickly we expect it to unfold.

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • Why inefficiencies are a strength when it comes to creative work
  • How the creative process has its own pace, which cannot be altered by advances in technology
  • Why enjoying what you’re doing is more important than doing everything

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Favorite Quotes

“There is no technology, no time-saving device that can alter the rhythms of creative labor.”

“The amount of love and care you put into a project is always apparent. Even if people are not conscious of it, they can sense when you have paid attention to every little detail.”

“Remarkable creative projects don’t come from efficiency. If anything, they come from inefficiency. From doggedly ignoring all the rules and saying I am going to devote an ungodly amount of time to this thing that no one else thinks is important but that I think is important.”


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