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All feedback is not created equal. And in this mini-episode, I meditate on how our hyper-connected world encourages us to offer critical advice in a rush — without considering the outcome.

Along the way, I share some jarring feedback I received from a podcast listener — as well as some more positive anecdotes — and talk about how each impacted my creative process.

As we consider how to best use our time, thinking about the ROI of our feedback needs to be part of the equation. Is your feedback helping someone move deeper into their work? Or is it holding them back?

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • Why effective feedback focuses on outcomes, not just opinions
  • How criticism constrains creativity, while questions and appreciations help it expand
  • What questions you can ask to give more effective feedback

Note to Listeners: This is the last episode in Season 1 of Hurry Slowly. I’ll be back in October of 2018 with a brand-new season. In the meantime, check out previous episodes on: managing your attention, taking more risks, making better decisions, and work-life balance.

Favorite Quotes

 “Criticism constrains, it cuts off possibilities. Whereas compliments, encouragement, and even questions expand possibilities. They open you up.”

“When you’re trying to find your voice, or when you’re fumbling about as you try to put something new into the world, it feels vulnerable. And the critiques you receive cut that much deeper.”


References and some additional reading for those who want to go deeper:

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