A deep dive into how we create, relate to, and maintain our digital selves/personas/brands — and can we ever truly leave them behind? Or reinvent them? Or start anew?

My conversation partner in this investigation is Cody Cook-Parrot, a dancer and a writer who was formerly known as Marlee Grace. Their work focuses on the self, devotion, ritual, creativity, and art making. Among their myriad activities, they publish a wonderful Substack newsletter called Monday Monday, host a podcast about creativity called Common Shapes, and teach online courses about quilt-making and book writing, among other things. They have also published two books, including Getting to Center, Pathways for Finding Yourself Within the Great Unknown, as well as How to Not Always Be Working.

Questions we explore in this conversation:

  • What happens when we allow ourselves to explore a new identity?
  • How important is “consistency” for folks who have a personal brand?
  • Is it possible to actually transition to a more offline identity, income, etc?
  • What does it mean to give yourself “permission” to show up in different ways?

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