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In this mini-episode, I tackle the unsexy topic of “maintaining stuff” and explain why factoring in your ongoing commitments is the key to avoiding overwhelm.

Along the way, I share the creative process behind the launch of the Hurry Slowly podcast, breaking down how and why the program morphed from a 10-episode, hyper-crafted, narrative show to a 30-episode, interview-based show. (Short answer: Because maintaining the original format was going to eat my life!)

* Note for listeners: This is one of Hurry Slowly’s special “mini-episodes” which provides a lighter counterpoint to the usual full-length interviews. If you’re new to the show, I suggest starting here.

Key takeaways from this meditation:

  • Why you should always ask, “What will it take to maintain this?” when launching a new creative project
  • How to think about your stable of projects in terms of the percentage of time and energy you spend on each them
  • Why you should be aware of “Hofstadter’s Law” when you’re mapping out how many hours you want to devote to a project


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Favorite Quotes

“If you’re trying to adopt a more sustainable workflow, keeping an eye on maintenance is crucial. And it’s crucial because we often do these maintenance tasks — like making and sending invoices or writing a weekly newsletter — on autopilot, which means that we fail to account for the time we spend on them. And so we take on new commitments as if those tasks didn’t exist. And then we find ourselves overwhelmed and overworked as a result.”


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