We all have dreams of quitting our jobs and just taking off. But how do you rationalize it? And when does leaping into the unknown outweigh the value of sticking to your routine?

In this episode, I talk with designer, entrepreneur, and adventurer Matias Corea about risk-taking and reinvention. The focus is his recent project Two Wheels South — a 7-month long motorcycle trip from Brooklyn to Patagonia in which he traveled 19,000 miles through 13 different countries.

We dig into the importance of taking time off for personal growth, what you learn by exposing yourself to controlled risk, and how pulling the trigger on a sabbatical or an extended journey can change everything.

Note: I highly recommend checking out the Two Wheels South instagram before listening.

Key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Why taking time off for personal growth and/or travel is not a luxury
  • How to pull the trigger on that big journey you’ve always dreamed about
  • The necessity of stepping outside of your routine and putting yourself in unfamiliar situations
  • Why spending time alone makes you confront problems you wouldn’t otherwise face
  • Insights and motivation for planning in-depth trips, work retreats, and sabbaticals

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Favorite Quotes

“To be able to grow, you have to put yourself in a position where you can grow. Sometimes we make decisions based on what we know, and there is very little opportunity for growth and reward if you keep repeating the same situations, environments, work. I think trying to put yourself in positions where you don’t know the answer is what actually helps you push forward and grow as a human.”

“I didn’t have internet for most of the time and I disconnected from these routines of depending on outside sources of information — and then everything that has been packed away for a long time comes back and it’s just staring you in the face. I think that’s one of the biggest things about a trip, about spending time on your own — you can’t escape. You think you’re going to go to Bolivia and your problems are going to stay here, but they’re right behind you. They follow you everywhere.”


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Learn more about Matias and his journey:

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